The Acquacheta path

The path starts from the first bend of the road that leads from San Benedetto to Marradi, it is easily passable, quite large and well marked. From a naturalistic point of view, these valleys show a breathtaking view of the nearby “Casentinesi Forests”.

For instance, one of the most famous natural landscape is the side valley of the Acquacheta. It flows into the Montone river at the height of San Benedetto in Alpe with its crystal clear stream and its enchantig waterfalls.

The Eremo of the Romiti is also fascinating, perched on a balcony overlooking the cliff from which the “Fall” falls. Inevitable references to Dante who in “Hell” compared Acquacheta to Flegetonte, the infernal river:

Even as that stream which holdeth its own course
The first from Monte Veso tow’rds the East,
Upon the left-hand slope of Apennine,

Which is above called Acquacheta, ere
It down descendeth into its low bed,
And at Forli is vacant of that name,

Reverberates there above San Benedetto
From Alps, by falling at a single leap,
Where for a thousand there were room enough;

Thus downward from a bank precipitate,
We found resounding that dark-tinted water,
So that it soon the ear would have offended.
(Inferno, canto XVI, 94-105)