Dovadola – Small and great treasure of the Forlì’s Apennines

Dovadola – The town probably arises from two fords of the Montone river, not far from each other. The town was built on a cliff overlooking the river. In the valley where Dovadola rises, human presence has been found since prehistorical times. The existence of an inhabited center in Roman ages is evidenced by archeology findings such as Roman tombs and beaten coins. Instead, between the 7th and 8th centuries, it was the Lombards the ones who repopulated the town after the terrible Gothic War.

Church of Sant’Andrea – It stands on a hill beyond the Montone river. Founded by the Cluniac monks before the year 1000, the first mention was in 1116. Inside the building you can admire interesting murals from the 15th century and valuable painting of 16th century from the Romagna and Bolognese schools. The church also preserves the funeral tomb of the Venerable Benedetta Bianchi Porro.

In the city – The laboratory of the luthier Foscolo Lombardi, a man who caresses the woods of music, taps them with the knuckles of his hands to feel the thickness of the soul, maybe he smells them to smell their seasoning.

Hermitage of Monte Paolo – It stands near an ancient monastery that hosted Saint Anthony of Padua for almost a year, from May 1221 to March 1222. The cult of the saint remained alive throughout the area. In 1629 a miraculous healing took place, which was attributed to the saint. A hermitage was built and then in 1908 it was completely rebuilt after a sudden collapse. The Way of Assisi branches off from Montepaolo.