Dante’s journey

For trekking lovers it is possible to follow numerous hiking trails. Among the best known we find: “Dante’s path“, a naturalistic, cultural and literary itinerary that connects Florence and Ravenna, passing through Dovadola and San Benedetto in Alpe.

Dante’s Path is the first trip organized through the medieval paths and streets that united Romagna and Tuscany travelled by the Supreme Poet at the time of his exile, the period in which he wrote the Comedy.

The route aims to rediscover the ancient roads that connect the two cities of birth and death of the Poet and to enhance the figure of Dante by accompanying the traveller on a path that is not only cultural and naturalistic but also literary.

The itineraries that we have identified therefore wind through those places in the Tuscan-Romagnolo territory mentioned in the Comedy, or directly experienced by the Poet during his years of exile. The paths that make up the itineraries, in most cases, are “ridge” paths used since the late Middle Ages, up to the development of the current road network dating back to the end of the 19th century. In some places these medieval paths coincide with ancient Etruscan-Roman roads, easily recognizable by the typical cobbles.