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Dante’s journey

For trekking lovers it is possible to follow numerous hiking trails. Among the best known we find: “Dante’s path“, a naturalistic, cultural and literary itinerary that connects Florence and Ravenna, passing through Dovadola and San Benedetto in Alpe.

Dante’s Path is the first trip organized through the medieval paths and streets that united Romagna and Tuscany travelled by the Supreme Poet at the time of his exile, the period in which he wrote the Comedy.

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Ulysses. Art and myth. San Domenico Museums

The greatest art journey ever told

19 May • 31 October 2020
Forlì, San Domenico Museums, Piazza Guido da Montefeltro

How many Ulysses! And how many Odysseys! The protagonist of the Odyssey is the oldest and most modern character in Western literature. He casts a long shadow on the imagination of man, in all times. Art has constantly expressed and reinterpreted the myth. Telling about Ulysses has meant telling about ourselves, from every shore of time and telling about ourselves using our own symbolic alphabets, artistic form, attributing to ourselves the meaning of the historical moment and of our own system of values.

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Dovadola – Small and great treasure of the Forlì’s Apennines

Dovadola – The town probably arises from two fords of the Montone river, not far from each other. The town was built on a cliff overlooking the river. In the valley where Dovadola rises, human presence has been found since prehistorical times. The existence of an inhabited center in Roman ages is evidenced by archeology findings such as Roman tombs and beaten coins. Instead, between the 7th and 8th centuries, it was the Lombards the ones who repopulated the town after the terrible Gothic War.

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