Welcome to our B&B

Daniela and Pasquale moved in this relaxed and on a human scale place, from a big city, Naples, in order to improve their lifestyle and to chase their “dream”.

Moving from a city of around one million people, to a small town in Romagna, of about 1.600 people, it wasn’t easy at all. Fortunately nearby there are Forlì and Carstrocaro that made possible this change.

It’s priceless: the advantage of living on the top of a hill, surrounding by nature, full of calm and, at same time, the possibility of moving quickly through a social and cultural life. This is our new balance.
The house is an ancient structure made of Roman stone renovated into a bio-building. Thanks to the original cargo walls, about one-meter wide, the interior comfort is guaranteed both in winter and summer.
In line with environmental respect, the house is energetically independent thanks to a photovoltaic system and pellet-fuelled heating.

Our b&b is associated with the Italian Touring Club so we apply a 10% discount to its members.

Our b&b has received theTraveler Review Awards 2022, Booking.com has recognized us an award for the quality of the service offered.